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UPCOMING WORKSHOP: West Philadelphia

We thought we’d post the following workshop to our guild series.




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Madder matters

We are super excited that our first year of growing our madder root has turned out a success! Madder root is
what the red coats used for their red. It makes an alizarin red or a Turkey Red. The root is what is used for
harvesting as a dye. Patience is a virtue though, as it takes 2-3 years to mature into usable dye.

Just found this book at the Book Trader’s in olde city and am excited to read it!!



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In which we rewind and dye thread!

We begin with a silky spool of white cotton thread.

In order to dye the thread we have to rewind it into loose skeins.

Yours truly displaying the results – all 6,000 yards worth!

Sounds like a good time for a cupcake break!

One last look before the thread is forever changed!

Next we wash the thread.

Our humble and inconspicuous indigo fermentation vat.

Even the bucket is taking on a lovely blue hue.

The vat is ready when the surface of the vat appears metallic.

Dyemaster Elissa!

Removing the thread carefully so as not to aerate the dye.

The breathtaking results!!

–  Mira Sophia

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